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Myofascial Cupping is a form of myofascial release and trigger point therapy.

Myofascial Cupping

Myofascial Cupping is a form of myofascial release and trigger point therapy. It combines various massage and stretching techniques with the application of slightly pressurised (ie suctioned) cups. This helps to lift and separate the soft tissue, allowing for greater fluid movement and nutrient supply throughout the soft tissues. This nourishes, detoxifies, stimulates and increases range of motion.

Myofascial cupping and traditional forms of cupping differ through a number of notable reasons:

    • whereas traditional cupping works through the strategic placement and parking of the cups along the meridian pathways, Myofascial cupping aims to directly treat the affected, targeted tissues.


    • Myofascial cupping leaves little to no markings, whereas traditional forms tend to leave large unsightly round, bruise-like markings which can last weeks.


    • massage is incorporated throughout the Myofascial cupping treatment.


A treatment generally begins with palpation and general massage to locate and pinpoint target areas. Once located, the cups are then applied to the target areas and engaged so that a negative pressure is created within the cup. It is this negative pressure within the cups which lifts and separates the soft tissue, and with the aid of balms or creams the cups can be moved along or around the affected tissues, stretching within itself and pulling fresh oxygen and nutrient enriched blood along as it goes.

Due to the nourishing detoxifying and stimulating properties, this relatively new form of massage has been found to work wonders with the treatment of scar tissue, adhesions, stretch marks, cellulite and even more excitingly with their prevention.

Notably, though Myofascial cupping has helped increase range of motions with burns victims.



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